At InsureHERO, We specialize in sourcing highly targeted leads for the insurance vertical, utilizing our skillset in UX and social media campaign management for Digital Marketing, Smart data segmentation and targeting for SMS, AVM and Contact center campaigns, analyzed and optimized by our team of data scientists, ensuring you achieve the best ROI on your marketing budget. Whether it be Car insurance, Life Insurance, Legal Insurance or Funeral insurance, We structure our campaigns to suit your needs.
Digital Strategy
For many businesses, lead generation is not only challenging but also expensive. That’s why our lead generation firm uses digital marketing to generate qualified leads. With online marketing, lead generation not only becomes easier but also more cost-effective.
Content Marketing
Content marketing serves a critical, long-term role in lead generation. With content marketing, your business can create and publish evergreen content that generates high-value leads for your company continually — even years after publishing the blog post, guide, or article on your website.
Goal Driven
At InsureHERO, our lead generation company measures our clients’ successes by looking at the metrics that not only matter to your business but also impact your business. These metrics can include leads generated, conversion rates, monthly sales, and more.

Welcome to InsureHERO

Operating since 2014,We are one of the largest lead generation firms in South Africa, our specialization in customer acquisition and performance marketing

Founding Compare Guru in 2012, a financial service comparison platform in the insurance industry in South Africa, and launching digital asset Moneypanda in 2017, we have spent more than 8 years in the digital and insurance space


What We Offer

At InsureHERO, we know customers, we also know that leads don't matter, conversions and sales do, that's why whether its Digital, SMS, Avm or contact center, your goal is our goal.

Digital Assets
A digital asset is a platform like MoneyPanda, a car and life comparison website which uses a mobile optimized UX for maximum conversions and intent, We leverage the SEO traction on platforms llike this to generate high quality leads for your specific product.
Social Media
Social media is the most powerful form of digital persuasion. From a distance, some people view it as mindless scrolling, but engaged consumers use platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to inform their purchasing decisions, qualify brands’ trustworthiness and form tight connections with those whom they regard as a community.
Adwords or PPC marketing is an effective tool for lead generation if done right, for a successful campaign you need a team who understands the data. Makes consistent changes. As well as understand the sales funnel in order to make the right decisions.
Call Center
Generating leads through a call center  is a great way to scale your efforts and cut costs at the same time.  Our call center agents are experts in this field and they stand ready to deliver the results you need.
Call Center Warm Up
With call center warm up, we do the outbound cold calling ourselves, prepping and warming up of your clients to increase the turn around time to sale in your team.
SMS marketing continues to be the trusted medium for lead generation in the insurance space, using smart data segmentation, we are able to position your product in front of the right consumer at the right time, ensuring maximum positive response rate.

We Help Brands Connect with their Clients

When starting a new lead campaign, we try and understand the buying cycle and environment of your ideal client, this allows us to position your product in the right space and at the time. Whether you’re running your small brokerage out of your home or out of a corporate office, there’s one thing you can always use: more clients.
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How can a lead generation agency help your business?

Lead generation is an effective way to grow your customer base in a cost effective way and achieve the best possible ROI on your marketing spend, and allows you to scale your marketing without incurring the costs of additional in house marketing team. The buying process has changed, and marketers need to find new ways to reach buyers and get heard through the noise. Instead of finding customers with mass advertising and email blasts, marketers must now focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers.
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Generate qualified leads with a trusted lead gen agency

Powering your lead generation strategy with the experience of a trusted lead gen agency like InsureHERO allows your business to attract, nurture, and convert qualified leads that offer your company the best long-term value.
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